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A Family Business


We are proud of making food that is delicious, healthy, affordable, and providing you with an excellent service.

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At Cancun Juice, we take pride in serving our clients with traditional, authentic Mexican cuisine. Our goal is to offer you a genuine taste of Mexico that speaks for itself. Our restaurant is family-owned and operated by the Alvarez family, who prioritize conscious living and healthy eating in our kitchen.


We are committed to providing you with a delicious and nutritious meal, along with exceptional service. Our flagship location in Anaheim, CA, is where we first started serving the best Mexican Tortas in Orange County. Come and experience the taste of Mexico for yourself!

Cancun Juice is renowned for their use of 100% natural fruit in their fruit salads, smoothies, and juices. They steer clear of any artificial flavors, powders, syrups, or frozen sorbets, ensuring that their products are the most natural. The process of cutting, peeling, and serving is carried out with care and attention to detail. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to them, and they prioritize excellent customer service. At Cancun Juice, they never compromise on the quality of food and taste for the sake of price. Come and experience their relaxed modern Mexican setting.